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Friday, July 21, 2006

Luxury Camping

Some friends went camping and river rafting with Sierra Mac a few weeks ago. They say it's camping without the work. They traveled with a guide in one raft, while another chaperone followed in a second raft filled with their supplies. Everyone got a paddle, but it didn't sound like our friends used theirs. (There's a reason we're friends.) They didn't have to set up their own tents or cook their own meals. They even had fresh brownies from the high tech baking contraption made for camping. They almost had me convinced that I too can enjoy camping.

Then they started talking about reality. One friend tried to pack shampoo and soap and towels and, you know, toiletries. Guess what? This is camping. No shower for you. Now look, I admit that I don't always shower every day, but that's only when I spend my weekend and holidays locked inside the house. If I even had one drop of sunscreen on my finger tips, I'm not even touching my bed until I've showered and lathered myself in moisturizing lotion. There is no way I'm floating down a river in direct sun light while covered in sunscreen and Off! for three days in a row, relieving myself in the bushes, sleeping in the wild, without a single hot shower.

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