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Monday, August 21, 2006

Honest Politician

I was driving home the other night enjoying some BBC news on NPR and caught this thrilling interview with Sha Zu Kang, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. At first, it was shocking to hear a politician get so worked up and speak so directly. Once I overcame the shock, I was torn between admiring his honesty (not a common trait in politicians) and despising his gracelessness. As a compromise, I decided it was better to fear his proclamation that the Chinese government does not value human life enough to avoid war.

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sko said...

I heard this interview, too. The Chinese ambassador came across as prideful, nationalistic, and completely unreasonable. I don't know if the Chinese ambassador was being honest or presenting a calculated portrayal of unflinching ideological ferver in the hopes of deterring the U.S. from defending Taiwan. If the latter, I think his maniacal tirade had the opposite effect. Americans don't like being threatened.