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Thursday, August 31, 2006

When will the Rest of the World Learn?

In case you haven't heard, I'm a Mac fanatic. No, not the kind who would dress my imaginary dog in a t-shirt proclaiming I am one. Nor am I the kind who would create or play bingo during the WWDC keynote speech since I (a) am not creative enough to come up with that idea, (b) am not a developer, and thus (c) was not at the conference. Though I admit that could have been fun, and I did tell lots of people about the bingo card.

I am, however, enough of a fanatic that I remembered the day and (almost) time of the keynote speech, and followed along with Steve and company's performance by reading three different web sites simultaneously to make sure I didn't miss a beat.

So when several new Mac users showed up for our configuration meeting at school this week and couldn't stop beaming about all the cool things you can do on a Mac, I felt tingly all over. I then almost fainted with pride when one of them said to another, "She really knows how to work this thing."

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