Life with Churry.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I've always pitied the people who don't know that the Chinese food at Mr. Chau's is really Americanized Chinese food.

It took everything in me to not make a snide comment when, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, several travel agents from the American south complained about the food at the banquet. They obviously had no idea how hard it is to serve 100 tables the same dish at about the same time at about the right temperature. I won't even mention all the well-made, labor and skill intensive dishes cooked up by the kitchen that these ladies considered inedible.

I've come to accept the fact that most of us may learn to appreciate authentic cuisine of different origins, but we will never truly enjoy certain authentic dishes that taste drastically different from our mom's cooking. So here is my small contribution of the day towards educating people about authentic cuisine-King of Thai Noodle is not authentic Thai food. (Source: Saran with the really long last name.)

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