Life with Churry.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

El Flojo Trabaja Doble

Jose's having a tough day grading assignments. "First-years!" he grunts. Now we all know misery loves company. Jose tried to spread the love by getting us to help decipher the handwriting on these assignments. Little did he know I taught middle school for four years and had to learn to understand chicken scratch to save my sanity. So the grading process went faster with me helping to decipher student names, but improved efficiency is not nearly as satisfying as frustrating others.

After more complaining and bitching about the first-years and the professors, Jose attempts to throw a piece of paper into a trash can two feet away. Seizing its opportunity to add to Jose's issues, the paper floats around a la American Beauty and falls next to the trash can. "The lazy work twice." grunts Jose.

Sobhi walks in while I'm practicing my Spanish phrase-of-the-day, and he promptly aims some trash at the aforementioned trash can from the other side of the closet-sized team room and...makes it. Instead of rubbing this in our (Jose's) face, Sobhi gamely fulfils the decree, aims some more trash at the trash can, and sinks those, too. I mean, he did have to split up his trash-throwing into two moves. So technically, he did work twice.

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