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Sunday, January 28, 2007

You Get What You Pay For

I don't always read the speaker bios because they pretty much sound the same. And usually pretty boring. The ones that are worth reading are usually for people so famous I already know everything they've done. So for the exact same reason why American Idol shows the painful auditions, I share with you here one of the worst speaker bios I've ever read.


Born in Gaza Palestine in 1941, Akel Biltaji was raised and educated in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He obtained his High School Diploma and the London General Certificate Examination in 1959. In the summer of 1962 he graduated with a Degree in Education and joined the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) the same year.

In the summer of 1968 he left ARAMCO to join the Saudi Ministry of Defense as a Senior Coordinator on the Saudi Arabian Army Mobilization Program. The following year in 1969, Mr. Biltaji joined ALIA, the Royal Jordanian Airlines as a Senior Management Officer. In his 28 year distinguished Airline career, Mr. Biltaji had served in different capacities, the last of which was Senior Vice President.

His Majesty the Late King Hussein appointed Mr. Biltaji in March 1997 as the Country's Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, where he continued to serve in this portfolio under His Majesty King Abdullah II till June of 2001 when he was appointed by King Abdullah II as Chief Commissioner for the newly declared Region of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.

In February of 2004 His Majesty King Abdullah II appointed Minister Biltaji as His Majesty's Advisor on Tourism Promotion, Foreign Direct Investment and Country Branding.

In November of 2005 His Majesty appointed Mr. Biltaji as a member of the House of Senate where currently serving as Chairman of the Tourism and Heritage House Committee. In all portfolios (Minister, Chief Commissioner, Advisor and Senator) Mr. Biltaji had accompanied His Majesty King Abdullah II on almost all State and Official visits abroad. He represented his country in a number of National, Regional and International Forums and Conferences including the World Economic Forum both in Davos and the Dead Sea. Mr. Biltaji is known to be one of Jordan’s strongest Public Speakers especially on issues related to the Country's Image and Protection of Heritage. Mr. Biltaji was decorated with the Highest Orders at home and by a number of Foreign Heads of State."

Now do you appreciate the well-written bios?

I have no idea who wrote it, otherwise I would dutifully credit the writer. So I'll just say I received it from the e-mail address

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